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What is the meaning of .io?

The "io" in .io domains stands for "input / output".

.io domains have become widely adopted across the tech industry since the mechanics of computer programming boils down to inputs and outputs. For this reason, the tech community has adopted .io domains as the TLD for tech..

The "io" in .io domains was originally used as the country code for the Indian Ocean Territory – a group of small British-owned islands located in the Indian Ocean.

While the TLD still operates as a ccTLD for the British Indian Ocean Territory, the TLD is now most closely associated as the domain of choice for tech websites.

Most tech companies prefer .io over .com due to its brevity, versatility, and immediate association with tech.

While .io is not a new TLD, the adoption of .io across the tech community is recent. .io domains therefore have the benefit of more domain availability. Find the perfect .io domain by using the search bar above.

While many country code domains require you to be a citizen of that country, .io domains are conveniently available to people around the globe. Register your .io domain today.

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